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This page contains information about Expired Content, thus Love Note cannot be seen in the shop of Wild Ones.

 Love Note, formerly known as Valentine Bomb, is a heart-shaped bomb but it doesn't do with "love". When it explodes, it will create lavender to mauve smoke and pink hearts.

And I... will always love you...

Icon Love note




Ability-Icon 530-550 Damage


A heart-shaped bomb with big explosive range.

Ability-Icon A heart-shaped bomb with big explosive range

Found in crates Crate-Icon Tick2
Love Note in action

Love Note in action

Love Note in action


  • This can blow away opponents which are situated very far.
  • Its explosion hole that this weapon creates is bigger than the Dog Bone, and it deals more damage.
  • This weapon can almost do an OTK if your stats has reached to maximum.
  • This weapon will be replaced by Candy Grenade through hacking with T-Search.


  • It can hurt yourself.
  • The damage is low.


  • The Valentine Bomb/Love Note, together with the Broken Heart T-shirt, Heart Shirt, Avenger Wings and Cherub Wings, has been created to celebrate Valentine's Day in Wild Ones.
  • When Playdom releases more than 40 new weapons, the Valentine Bomb has been renamed to "Love Note".
  • The modern version of Love Note appears to be much larger than the older version.
  • Playdom gives away free 30 Valentine Bombs/Love Notes when releasing it in Wild Ones.
    Love note power

    The explosion that the Love Note will create

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