Wear this accessories and choose this weapon to make your pet good-looking.(Only if you can afford this)

Soccer Player PetEdit

Result pet

Left or Right

Total Cost 00000000000000000025.

Treats-Icon 25 Treats and 0000000000000001,999. Coin 1,999 Coins

  • +20% Health Points
  • None
  • +10 Jump Boost


  • -3% Damage Taken
  • None
  • None
Ability Be the fastest and strongest pet ever


Amount How it Looks
1x Zombie Wig Zombie Wig (Optional) Zombie Wig
1x Soccer Jersey Soccer Jersey Soccer Jersey
1x Soccer Shorts Soccer Shorts Soccer Shorts
1x Cleats Cleats Soccer-Shoes
1x Aviator Shades Aviator Shades (Optional) Aviator Shades
1x Rock Star Shades Rock Star Shades (Optional) Rock Star Shades

Cowboy PetEdit

Total Cost 0000000000000003,996.

Coin 3,996 Coins








Ability YEEHAAA Cowboys go for bulls
Rating 4,1/10

Aviator PetEdit

Total Cost 00000000000000000013.

Treats-Icon 13 Treats and 0000000000000005,497. Coin 5,497 Coins

Bonus -14% Fall Damage
Ability Look like awesome pilot
Rating 7,9/10

Baseball PetEdit

1.Baseball Cap&nbsp Cost : 7 Treats

2.Baseball Jersey&nbsp Cost:2999 Coins

3.Baseball Pants&nbsp Cost:700 coins

4.Baseball Glove&nbsp Cost: 2000 coins

5.Bonus:+10% Jump boost, +5% damage given, -5% damage taken

6.&nbsp Weapon :Baseball bat, Baseballs

Racing PetEdit

1.Racing Helmet Cost : 4 treats Bonus: +10% flame damage

2.Racing Suit Cost :12 treats Bonus : +15 health points & +10 walk speed

3.Racing Shoes Cost :unlock by having 5 treats Bonus : +7 walk speed

4. Checkered Flag Cost :700 coins Bonus : none


Hockey Helmet + Hockey Jersey + Hockey Pants = Hockey Player Pet+Hockey Stick

SWAT Helmet+Body Armor+Dark Blue Pants+Military Boots = Shielded Soldier Pet+Minigun

Samurai Helmet+Samurai Armor+Sandals+Samurai Flag = Samurai Pet+ Katana

Uncle Sam Hat or Uncle Sam Hair+Uncle Sam Coat+Blue Pants+US Flags+Bald Eagle=Uncle Sam Pet+Gamma's

Hachimaki+Gi = Karate Pet

Knight Helmet+Knight Armor+Knight Belt= Knight Pet

Devil Horns+Devil Shirt=Devil Pet

Explorer Hat+Explorer Shirt=Explorer Pet+Compass

Graduate Hat+Graduate Shirt+Red Bowtie= Graduated Pet

Pharaoh Headress+Pharaoh Top=Pharaoh Pet

Astronaut Helmet+Astronaut Shirt+Astronaut Gloves=Astronaut Pet

Wrestling Helmet+Wrestling Sneakers+Wrestling Shirt+Wrestling Pants=Wrestler Pet

Pirate Eyepatch+Pirate Vest+Pirate Boots+Pirate Hat=Pirate Pet

Military Hat+Military Shirt+Military Goggles=Military Member Pet

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