This page is for administrators and bureaucrats ONLY. This page introduces how to manage MediaWiki properly.

This help page shows the following MediaWiki pages:

MediaWiki pages will be introduced soon:


I own Pirates Ahoy! Wiki and I'm an administrator and bureaucrat at that site! Wildoneshelper  talk  edits  Ask me for cool signs at my talk page 05:50, June 30, 2011 (UTC)

How to edit the reason of blocksEdit

Howto 2 (1)

Go to the block page and click edit blocks. (Wildonesreader is Wildoneshelper second account!)

Howto 2 (2)

Edit it and add more reasons and remember to SAVE.

Howto 2 (3)

There you go, you've succeeded and more reasons are seen!

These are all suggestions, "abusing multiple accounts" can be omitted.

How to see the templates in the "Templates" column and not using the searcher to searchEdit

Howto 3 (1)

Go to Special:Allpages and click namespace and scroll to MediaWiki. You will see Editor-template-list.

Howto 3 (2)

Change the templates into these or any important templates that you think adding inside will be suitable.

Howto 3 (3)

There you see! It is changed!

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