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The Mega Grenade Cluster shoots out 10 Grenades at the same time. At a close range shot, it will KO your opponent(s). They will behave like normal grenades.


10 Grenades all at once

Icon Mega Cluster Grenade
Cost 00000000000000000016.

Treats-Icon 16 Treats for 15 ammo

Max Cost & Ammo 00000000000000001584.

Treats-Icon 1584 Treats for 1485 ammo

Damage 00000000000250 - 300.

Ability-Icon 250 - 300 Damage per grenade

00000000000000002500. Ability-Icon 2500 Damage (All Grenades)

Ability Throw 10 Grenades at once.

Ability-Icon Throw 10 Grenades at once

Found in crates Crate-Icon Cross

The result.

SOS Tips

A tip on how to use the Mega Cluster Grenade thunderstrike without moving.


  • Maximum damage without bonus is 4000.
  • A good tactic is to stand right next to someone and place it all beside them without using power and run away. This would most likely OTK them and help you win a medal.
  • You can do an OTK if you use 4 grenades of Mega Cluster Grenade


  • You can use this weapon as MIRV but somehow it will kill yourself.
  • Costs treats.


  • The Missile Counterpart of this weapon is the Baker's Dozen.
  • When doing a thunderstrike, you need to adjust it at a slanted position(specifically 46 degrees) in maximum. It will commonly kill one opponent without moving. This move is helpful when at fullscreen mode. View the guide on the right.
  • Keep volumes low as possible as this weapon cluster when fired, can cause a louder explosion than any other explosives, more than a Firecrackers.