Mini Pets are little Pets that randomly help you out in a battle. They can grab Crates, Health Packs and even attack other players. They are not found in crates.
  • The FalconGo to Falcon
  • The PigGo to Pig
  • The LynxGo to Lynx
  • The ParrotGo to Parrot
  • Mr. Tiny Bones (The Sangheili)Go to Mr. Tiny Bones
  • The ElephantGo to Elephant
  • The OctopusGo to Octopus
  • The PhoenixGo to Phoenix
  • The DevilGo to Devil
  • The ZonkeyGo to Zonkey
  • The OwlGo to Owl
  • The PuffinGo to Puffin
  • The Bald EagleGo to Bald Eagle
  • The ToucanGo to Toucan
  • Zombie CanaryGo to Zombie Canary
  • The Polar Bear (Unreleased)Go to Polar Bear
  • The Bug (Unreleased)Go to Bug
  • The Snake (Unreleased)Go to Snake
  • The Dodo (Unreleased)Go to Dodo
  • The Bee (Unreleased)Go to Bee (Minipet)
  • Witch (halloween)Go to Witch the flying bitch!
  • The Sugar Glider

List of all Mini Pets

List of Unreleased Pets


  • All Mini-Pets costs treats except Falcon and Owl ( although this also requires neighbors plus coins to get this minipet.)
  • They can be an additional advantage to those who suffer from Goo or Napalm damages as they strike back and forth every time they gets damaged.
  • In some cases, minipets have their carried pickups( e.g. Crates) stuck from them, rendering unobtainable and yet, can be stolen by pets and minipets as well as exploding to you, dealing 20 damage in return.
  • Bug is the only Minipet that was never released.

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