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The Minigun is a rare weapon that can be found in crates. It is nicknamed as "Ultimate Weapon". The Minigun is the upgraded version of the Pistols.
Ceb2c wild-ones-minigun

Bat using minigun on panda.

Minigun for wikia

A Monkey Holding a Minigun

Icon Minigun
Cost Members: 00000000000000000016.

Treats-Icon 16 Treats for 12 ammo


00000000000000000050. Ability-Icon 50 Damage per bullet

Maximum: 00000000000000000100. Ability-Icon 100 Damage per Bullet

Ability Rapidly fire bullets for 5 seconds.

Ability-Icon Rapidly fire bullets for 5 seconds

Found in crates Crate-Icon Tick2
Minigun in action

Minigun in action

Minigun in action


  • When the minigun is shooting out its bullet, it is more rapid and more frequent than the Pistols hence it takes more damage.
  • Because it can be gotten from crates, it is not necessary to become a member to get this powerful weapon, which means saving more treats.
  • Can do an OTK if aimed properly.


  • The slogan lamed the weapon because it couldn't do an OTK.
  • It can kill only one person at a time.


  • There are a lot of videos on YouTube that consider this as the "ULTIMATE WEAPON!".
  • Some say the best places to find them in Crates are at Critter Falls and Creepy Crawly.
  • This weapon is also known as the "chain gun" or "gatling gun" since it shoots out bullets very quickly without any break.
  • Its fruit version of Minigun is Pumpkin Minigun.
  • The design looks (nearly) like the real Minigun.

Real minigun, as seen in Funkey100

  • It was once the strongest weapon in Wild Ones.
  • Tommy Gun is more powerful,much cheaper and not members only,but is difficult to control.

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