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The Missile is the first weapon you use in the game and is the default weapon in Wild Ones. This weapon allows the player to shoot a rocket at a pet for a fair amount of damage. It is always unlimited and free of charge. It looks like a shorter version of real-life missile and is colored with red top and white bottom. You can earn a Medal by winning using only this weapon.
Cost Free
Max Cost & Ammo Free
Damage 00000000000350 - 400.

Ability-Icon 350 - 400 Damage

Ability 00Explodes on impact.

Ability-Icon Explodes on impact

Found In Crates? No
Released on December 15, 2009
Expired on It will never expire.
In-Game Description Powerful weapon that explodes on impact
Weapon Guide

We're lucky that Playdom made this weapon Free and Unlimited

-2 missile LOL!!

No Missiles to use! We are all dead! PANIC!

Missile in action

Missile in action

Missile in action


  • Good use for beginners who don't have good weapons.
  • You can earn a medal which gives 1 Treat by winning using only this Weapon.
  • Useful for when an opponent is at low health, you can kill them without wasting ammo.
  • Infinity ammo.
  • This can apply for about any weapon, but if you get a direct hit it'll send the enemy flying.

Missile in tutorial.


  • When you hack it, you will have -2 of it.
  • Low damage.
  • It might do damage to yourself if not used carefully.
  • Sometimes it does not send the pet flying even if it gets a direct hit


  • The Anti-Grav Missile looks like the Missile with glowing circles on the side, which represents the gravity 'defiers'.
  • It is the only free weapon in the game.
  • It is also the only a weapon which is unlimited in Wild Ones.
  • It was once called "Rocket", but was later renamed "Missile".
  • Pushing the hotkey 0 will make appear the Null.
  • In Wild Ones Alpha, Missiles so as Grenades are unlimited.
  • Killer Missile was supposed to be the Missile but it has changed.
  • Killer Missile was a prototype of Missile because the code impulseissile belongs to icon of Killer Missile too.
  • The code was "mortar" before but it has changed to "impulsemissile".
  • Can do an OTK if you have maxed out stats and your mini-pets attacking with you.

    "Unlock For:999 Treats"

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