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Monkey pic

A Monkey (You can change its color)

Monkey is the 4th pet released on Wild Ones. It has great jump and health and has the Climb ability that can make the Monkey go on any terrain even on pets.

The Monkey's stats
Monkey Status


950 HP


1.4 cm per second


1.1 cm high



Ability Uses

Unlimited On - Off


30 treats

Level To Buy

Level 8

Main article: Pets


The most common advantage of the Monkey is its own ability(like any other pet) which is Climb. That enables the monkey go on any terrain the player prefers. Its speed and jump are fairly high. The monkey is also considered to be the most appealing pet by far.

On some maps such as Emerald Zone, some players push others off simply by going next to them and spamming climb. Slowly pushing them off and killing them. This does not waste the turn so you can then attack another player with a weapon.

Climb can also force a player to stay in a position. If a player is in a small crater simply just go on them and use climb.


The disadvantage of our all-terrain Monkey is its health and sometimes its ability Climb, the disadvantage of using the climb is that the Monkey gets slower and when falling takes double the damage. In some maps, if the terrain is flat from an explosion, climb would be useless.


The movement for the Monkey is the best as they have climb. Climb will make the monkey climb over any terrain. If you have climb on your monkey will walk slower, so it's a good idea to turn it off when your not using it.

Without Climb: Right key to move right, Left key to move left, and Up key to jump. You can also use the mouse to point where to go.

With Climb: Up-Side-Down: Right key to go left, Left key to go Right, and Up key to jump down. Or use the mouse. Right-Side-Up: Same as normal controls except if you jump, you do a cart-wheel. Or use the mouse. Side, Head Facing Left: Right to go up, Left to go down, and Up to jump left. Or use the mouse. Side, Head Facing Right: Right to go down, Left to go up, and Up to jump right. Or use the mouse. You can also use W for jump, A for a left movement

But know this monkeys come with a secret glitch trick



  • When climbing on a hole that's a bit smaller than the drill's, a monkey will spin.
  • The monkey takes double damage when falling while in Climb mode.
  • Another pet that costs treats. Players who bought it before the change of cost are lucky as they were being bought via Coins previously instead of Treats.
  • The best method to use monkey is probably hit & hide, since monkey can use it's ability to hide in places that difficult to be attacked.
  • It is just like a Rabbit that can go everywhere but slower than the Rabbit to go somewhere.
  • The Monkey is made up of 53 Shape Files and 59 Sprite Files.

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