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AmaterasuWOTHZ Expired for some players

This page contains information about Expired Content to some players, thus Moss Gun cannot be seen in the shop of Wild Ones if the player did'nt unlock it before expiration.

Moss Gun is a weapon in Wild Ones.

Old release date (14/05/12)

Mossgun price new

Players: New price tag WTF?
Playdom: Did you buy it for treats before?
Players: yea...

When used, it shoots a moss net on players and traps them in the net giving them damage. If used 2 turns before the victim's turn, he will lose 1 turn and the moss net will disappear. Unlocking this weapon grants you permanent access to buy it.

"Causes damage and a lost turn"

Icon Moss Gun
Cost Accidental Release:00000000000000000001.

Treats-Icon 1 Treats for 6 ammo

Official Release: 00000000000000002999. Coin 2999 Coins for 4 ammo (Unlock first)

Unlock cost: Playing 15 times on Swamp

Max Cost & Ammo

Accidental Release: 00000000000000000099. Treats-Icon 99 Treats for 594 ammo

Official Release: 0000000000000296,901. Coin 296,901 Coins for 396 ammo


Moss net: 00000000000000000400. Ability-Icon 400 Damage

Trapped in Mossnet:00000000000000000015. Ability-Icon 15 Damage each second

Ability Shoot a moss net and take away a turn from a player.

Ability-Icon Shoot a moss net and take away a turn from a player.

Found in Crates Crate-Icon Cross
Released on

Accidental release: 14th of May, 2012

Original release: 21st of May, 2012

Expires on

Accidental release: 14th of May, 2012

Original Release: 4th of June, 2012

Unlocked: This weapon never expires


  • Costs coins and it is also the first weapon to be obtained by unlocking.
  • This weapon causes the victims to lose turns.
  • Once unlocked, it will be available for permanent purchase.


  • If it is used against you, you lose a turn.
  • All lucky players are unlucky players because after unlocking this weapon, it costs coins - not treats.


  • The launcher looks similar to MP5 or Ruger AC556F but with no ammo holder and a net attached to the front.
  • It is expired 30 minutes after releasing by unknown reason.
  • You unlock it after playing 15 times on Swamp map.