Mr. Tiny Bones
Mr. Tiny Bones
Cost 00000000000000000018.

Treats-Icon 18 Treats

Damage 00000000000000000150.

Ability-Icon 150 Damage

Ability Randomly attacks enemies
Found In Crates? No
In-Game Description Time to meet your Doom!
Mini Pet Guide

Mr. Tiny Bones is a mini pet on Wild Ones. It is released on March 4, 2011. This pet costs 18 treats and it is much more expensive than other mini pets. Mr. Tiny Bones may help you to attack other opponents or grab health packs and crates just for you. However, the Mr. Tiny Bones is somewhat a fickle friend and will not help you every time.



  • This Fan-Art Mini Pet won the Mini Pet Design Contest held in the Official Playdom Forums.
  • The only non-animal which is a grim reaper or an "alien" and fan mini pet is Mr. Tiny Bones.
  • Many people confused this mini-pet and an alien species in Halo video game because of its same name and its popularity.
  • For now, the Mr. Tiny Bones is the most expensive mini pet

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