The Panda is the third pet released in Wild Ones. The Panda is slow but they pack a punch, LITERALLY.

Panda blue


The Panda Punch does 400 damage and may sent the target flying if used at a correct angle and position. You can also use it at two pets at the same time when they are stuck together and you're on top of them. Just make sure you're in the rig ht angle. Some players use the Panda's heaviness to which it adds extra damage to the Fall Damage. Before it {C cost 40 Treats and 39 Treats for Members, But As from 6/9/11 the Panda is available for 4,999 Coins along with Armadillo. Playdom cut the price of Panda also in 28/9/11, lowering it down to 3,999 Coins, only if you are Member.

Main article: Pets
The Panda's Stats
Panda Status


1100 HP


1.26 cm per second


1 cm high



Ability Uses



3,999 Coins for Member , 4,999 Coins for Non-Member

Level To Buy

Level 12

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