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The greatest advantage of the Panda is the Panda Punch which can send the target flying if used properly since the target may fly towards a nearby mine damaging them twice. Some other advantages are the Panda's high health and its heaviness. In the case of the Panda's heaviness, it cannot be sent flying that easy and adds additional Fall Damage at the target.


The common disadvantage of the heavy Panda is its low speed and low jump making it hated by some players though this disadvantage may be overcame by the use of Speed Enhancing accessories, though the jump is still a problem.


Right key to move right, Left key to move left and Up key to jump. D key to move right, A key to move left and W key to jump.You can also use the mouse to point directly where to go.



  • It is the heaviest pet in Wild Ones.
    Egyptian Panda


  • You can create a polar bear-looking Panda by picking white for both main and detail.
  • The panda is one of the two healthiest pet in the game, along with the Dog.
  • You can create a ninja mask using the panda.
  • The Panda is disliked by some players due to its slow movement and low jump but some use it since it has the Punch, which can send enemies flying away and its heaviness.
  • The Panda costs now treats, and is the third pet that cost treats on Wild Ones.
  • The Panda is hated by very much players, but if you think carefully the Panda is a pretty powerful pet.
  • You can make your opponent fly by raising your aim a little higher.
  • It is a very healthy pet, along with the Dog the healthiest of all "mammal pets" on Wild Ones.
  • It is the rarest pet on Wild Ones, excluding the Collection Raffle Pets.
  • Formerly the Panda was the mascot of the maintenance interface.It wields a screwdriver.It was being replaced by a monkey.Only with a construction hat.
  • Panda's Punch is similar to Tail Whip of Crocodile.
  • The Maintenace Panda got retired and Replaced with Monkey.
  • The Panda is made up of 45 Shape Files and 65 Sprite Files.

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