This is the archive of Past site news.

3rd July to 9th, 2011Edit

Wildoneshelper reports he has been slandered

Wildoneshelper had the biggest pressure on the Pet Suggestion Contest which was forced by JCRVHELPER. Wildoneshelper was not amused with contest and has rejected to join the contest. Then, JCRVHELPER started to slander Wildoneshelper by created a poll with a title called "Who will make good pet suggestion?" and caused him to have psychological scar which provoked him to have a bad-tempered and reported that is slander. JCRVHELPER and Kndlegoman4 kept persuading Wildoneshelper which caused him to sob and warned him that JCRVHELPER could be blocked by 1 month. Wildoneshelper then sought for help in Special:Contact. Unfortunately, JCRVHELPER has been blocked because of slandering Wildoneshelper.

Wild Ones Wiki Competition is on the way

After a success in making the trailer of Wild Ones Wiki Competition, the competition is waiting to be opened. The first round is General English, the simplest round of all. Astonishingly, JCRVHELPER found the first round is hard and unfair. "Oh man, I can't do Perfect English. That's not fair." quoted JCRVHELPER. "1st round is for me." Junkmaniac said with confidence. The second round is Wiki Formatting and it is not easy because Wildoneshelper will rate the fancy works and give some comments. The ugliest will be disqualified. Then, the third round is administrating. "I don't think it's easy for me in the 2nd and 3rd rounds though." sighed Junkmaniac. Which team will win in this season? Who will win and have great prizes? The Platinum Team, or the Diamond Team? First round starts on the 10th July, 2011.

WildWarren is back with the chat room!

After being idle for some days, WildWarren is back to clear up some mess and block some people. He enables the chat room which brings our communication even better! We welcome back WildWarren! Congratulations! There are some things that the people are focusing: Being a bureaucrat...

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