• Bighorn-sheep-pet

    bighorn sheeps special ability

    Every pet has special ability, each ability has its only advantage and disavantage. Here is a list of pets abilities.
    Platypus stats

    One of the strongest abilities - Flood



Pet Pet's Ability Damage Advantage Disadvantage
Dog Dog Bone 450 (max stats 900)

It is more powerful than some of the Wild Ones bombs

use x99

Can hurt yourself easily and the area is small
Rabbit Super Jump 0 (Fall Damage 120)

You can jump up high to get crates and health packs and can hop instead of walk

use x99

Can run of time easily if you use it unwisely
Panda Panda Punch 400

Can send enemies flying away

use x99

Should punch in close attacks
Monkey Climb 0(fall damage can be 300)

Can climb through cliffs and shoot missiles

use x99

Consumes many time
Cat Scratch 350

It can cause moderate damage

use x99

Should scratch in close attacks and doesn't cause a lot of damage
Bat Fly 0 Can fly to get crates and health packs

Need Stat Points and clothes to fly faster

use only 8 time

Armadillo Dig 0

Can dig in many holes map, such as Creepy Crawly.

use x99

Consumes many time
Hamster Giant Form 0

-50% damage taken

Can't pass through shorter-height holes and make it easier for you to get hit and stay only 60 second

use only 1 time

Platypus Flood 60 (Each Second) Able to float the pet and hard to breath

The flood don't seem to rise very fast unless you use it everytime. All pets can swim.

use only 1 time

Dragon Spit

30 (Each Spit) (600)

Breath fire on opponents Should acquire a good accuracy
Chameleon Tongue Grab 0

Grab people to anywhere and throw it to goos etc.

use x99

Have a presized length
Penguin Fishspit 40 (Each Spit, throw 8 spit) Spit fish on opponents

Should acquire a good accuracy

Can use 4 time

Hedgehog Superspin 0 (fall damage is really high)

Can travel very fast and damage enemy pets by fallin on them

use x99

Hard to control


Peck 350 (max stats 700)

Peck your opponents!

Must use it in close attacks

Can use 5 times

Hippo Chomp 350 (max stats 700) ?

Must use it in close attacks

Can use 6 time

Lion (Unreleased) Roar 350 (max stats 700) ?

There aren't fall damage

Can use 6 times

Dino Earthquake (Dino) 20-60 (each second) Acts like an Earthquake, Affects everyone except yours You can only use it twice

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