These are ways to Hack Pets with TSearch.This hack cannot hack pets like: Penguin.

This hack bans after you hack 2-3 Pets or more.


  • T-Search
  • Wild Ones
  • Any Pet

How to hack

  1. Open Wild Ones (Wait until it fully Loads).
  2. Open TSearch.
  3. Click Open Process.
  4. Select your Browser (Note: Best to use is Firefox,Safari and Opera)because it has only 1 address and it's easier to not mess up).
  5. Click Hex Editor 1-5 Times.
  6. Click the Replace Icon.
  7. If u see Replace with: put the pet name u want.(Note: Value:Ascii and Case:Ignore)
  8. Click Replace all
  9. If u see 10-100, 100+ occurence(s) replaced means the hacks works.
  10. Go to Practice.Your Pet will turn to the Chosen Code to it.
  11. Choose the Pet you Hacked.
  12. Play with your new pet on Practice Mode.


  • U can Know what is does or how it damage's.
  • U can try it Anytime.
  • Does not ban.
  • U can also do it for mini pets except for zonkey, becaus eu may getted banned.


The codes work like that: The code must be the same number of letters at the code and pet or weapon you want to swap.

  • Lion = Duck or Dino
  • Koala = Hippo or Panda or tiger or rhino

List of Codes

  • dog
  • bat
  • panda
  • hammie
  • dragon
  • penguin
  • werewolf
  • armadillo
  • platypus
  • super_skunk
  • koala
  • tiger
  • rhino
  • dino
  • hedgehog
  • kangaroo
  • duck
  • chameleon
  • monkey
  • rabbit
  • lion
  • hippo


Side Effects

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