AmaterasuWOTHZ Expired for some players

This page contains information about Expired Content to some players, thus Platypus cannot be seen in the shop of Wild Ones if the player did'nt unlock it before expiration.

The Platypus was the 9th pet to be released, and now it is available to non-members. To obtain the Platypus, a player must play Collection Raffle and collect all the items. It will then be unlocked. Its ability is Flood, which raises the water level instantly.

Platypus Stats
Platypus stats








Tsunami or Flood

Ability Uses

1 per game


Expired. If someone has completed collection before expired it still costs 4,999 coins.

It can swim in the flood without getting damage like the Duck and Penguin.

Platypus (You can change its color).

Main article: Pets


  • One advantage of the Platypus is its ability - the Flood in which the water level rises and also its invulnerability while swimming in the flood
  • and not members only pet.

The Platypus is the most cool pet for now because it can increase water height like flood in a public game when the water height is increasing use flood to take advantage of nature.


  • The disadvantages of the Platypus maybe its low speed or low jump.
  • Sometimes its pet ability underwater your attacks slow down.
  • And the beak can't be colored


Right key to move right, Left key to move left and Up key to jump. D key to move right, A key to move left and W key to jump.You can also use the mouse to point where to go.


  • It is the first pet to be based on an aquatic animal. The second is the Penguin.
  • It is interesting to note that the Platypus and the Dragon were discovered at the same time but their abilities are quite the opposite. The Dragon's ability is the Fire Spit which is a Fire related Element while the Platypus's ability is the Flood which is a Water related element.
  • It was the first pet to be unlocked by the Collection Raffle.
  • The Platypus,Crocodile,Duck and Penguin are the only animals that can swim around the flood without losing health.
  • It has acted like a rival with the Dragon, since the two of them has each elemental ability (Dragon: Spit which is a Fire type) (Platypus: Flood which is a Water type), they both are needed to unlock on the Collection Raffle. Some say the Dragon is better, but some say that the Platypus is better.
  • Some people would argue that Platypus is better than the Dragon because water beats fire in reality and the Dragon is fat.
  • Lab Rats is one of the places where the Platypus are useful because the map is low and flat at the bottom.
  • The Platypus is now open to non-members.
  • Same stats with Chameleon
  • Foolish errors is the best place to use the Platypus because unlike other maps foolish errors is flat at the bottom. But due to an update foolish errors was romoved there for u now cant play on the map.
  • It can be hacked now using cheat engine and tsearch....
  • it is the first pet that can swim later crocodile was also released
  • It is now expired
  • It was the first Australian Pet and the only egg laying mammal. The other egg laying mammal of the World is the Echidna. See more in [[1]]

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