Hunt for the forgotten Grenade!

Grenade Hunt of Doom! is the very first plot/Fan storyline in the history of Wild Ones Wiki.

Plot SummaryEdit

An event is about to begin as various characters prepare for the Grenade Hunt! However, Zynga the dog hired a bunny named "Scarr" tries to eliminate the players who are participating during the annual event. Can Scarr be stopped? Who would be victorious in this first ever Genade Hunt?!

Note: some characters used in this storyline are based on Wild Ones Wiki admins, rollbacks, contributors and etc.

Plot ChaptersEdit

Chapter 1:



  • Wildoneshelper - A competitive player who would use both his intelligence and diligence to succeed.
  • Mega-nuke - A powerhouse of the wiki! He will keep an eye on the Grenades he finds.
  • WildBrick142 - the dark knight of the competition. He will surprise all the competitors.
  • 100bomb-yan2x - Claims to be the bombs expert. He never lose a competition that involves bombs/Grenades.
  • WildWarren - the most inactive competitor during the hunt. He likes puzzle later than doing the Grenade Hunt.
  • Wikia Wolf - the returning beast has returned!

Extra characters

  • Funkey100 - He organize the competition.


  • Scarr - a Zynga lieutenant sent by Zynga to attack the Wild Ones Wiki contributors during the event.
  • Zynga the dog - the boss of the Zynga Organization. He wants to rule the world and enslave humanity.

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