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The Polar Bear is released on 21st December in Wild Ones. The released one has a completely different design and a new code. It costs 12 treats and it will expire on 4th January, 2013. The Polar Bear may help you to attack other opponents or grab health packs and crates just for you. However, the Polar Bear is a somewhat fickle friend and will not help you out every time.

Hip hip hooray! im here for the next 11 months...

Cost 00000000000000000012. Treats-Icon 12 Treats

0000000000000200-400. Ability-Icon 200-400 Damage (With stats)


  • Great Damage
  • Cheaper than many mini pets.
  • Good looking mini pet


  • The biggest disadvantage of Polar Bear is that this mini pet helps only 30% each game besides Zombie Canary works around 70%.
  • Does not bring Crates or Health Packs all the time.


  • It might be possible that Polar Bear 2 might release according to the design below.
  • It's possible that the first design has been rejected, because it does not have wings. All Mini Pet can fly except the first design.
  • Released again, but playdom lies for 11 months


The Dragon wit the Polar Bear

Don't dare to "spit" at my kid!

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