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A weapon is a tool for people to use violence against somebody or something in order to achieve peace or release anger. In Wild Ones, a weapon can be used to score points when the weapon inflicts damage. Weapons can be brought in shops or received through gifts and lotteries, like Wheel of Weapons, using either virtual money, a.k.a. coins, or paid money, a.k.a. treats.

Weapons can be used in different ways in different types. In the category of missile weapons, some missile weapons can be used by shooting them directly at the opponents, like Missile by falling from above, like Missile Stream, or by transforming into several smaller missiles, like MIRV.

Featured article

The Shock Rifle is an extremely rare weapon in Wild Ones which was available for a short period of time. It is still available to Members. It shocks players instantly with precision, and creates a very powerful lightning blast.

Icon Shock Rifle icon
Cost Expired (but sometimes you can get it for winning tournaments)
Damage 00000000000350 - 400.

Ability-Icon 350 - 400 Damage

Ability Creates a lightning blast.

Ability-Icon Creates a lightning blast

Found in crates Crate-Icon Tick2

Recently featured: Shock Rifle

List of weapons

List of weapons

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