A Player using a Harpoon in Practice Mode.

Practice Mode is a single player setting that allows you to fight against weak, computer-controlled opponents for training. In this mode, you will not obviously lose your ammos as if it was made to test weapons and one's skills.


You can customize your game practice by yourself in three selections seen below. In timer, you can toggle how many minutes your game will be, or your turn timer or how many enemies you have.


  • Crates don't appear at this mode due to a clear reason of endless profiting, so was just a Health Pack being spawned instead.
  • If the bots cannot see you or was too far, they will force themselves or fire to the direction where you are, no matter how much damage they will inflict to themselves. However, if they can see other bots, they will attack the most visible bot.
  • They can only use missiles and grenades.
  • Only DogsPandas and Rabbits are pet bots in this mode. Additionally, they have gray-white colours.
  • There is a glitch that there is still an invisible match after you have won/lost.
A randomized practice mode

A randomized Main Menu Practice Mode

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