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The Pumpkin Missile is a weapon released for Halloween. Its function is almost the same as Jumbo Missile. It was released again on 29th of October, 2012.

Icon Pumpkin Missile
Cost 00000000000000000600.

Coin 600 Coins for 15 ammo

Damage 00000000000000000600.

Ability-Icon 600 Damage

Ability Launch a pumpkin powered rocket.

Ability-Icon Launch a pumpkin powered rocket

Found in crates Crate-Icon Cross


  • The damage is better than Missile.
  • For members, it is recommended to buy this weapon, due to its price cheaper than that of the Jumbo Missile and has 5 more missiles when you purchase it.
  • It can do an OTK.
  • The Pumpkin Missile Creates a big hole in the earth when it explodes, sometimes causing opponent(s) to fall through the bottom of the map.


  • It is not recommended for non-members.


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