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Icon and Ammo

Purple Drill Missile is an unreleased weapon in Wild Ones but it first appeared on Opening Gifts which the Drill Missile is painted to the color of this weapon. It might be an answer that this weapon is not going to be released or even not an unreleased weapon. However, the Drill Missile is not painted in shops.

Gun or Launcher

It cannot be hacked and obtained by any means, leaving this weapon with unknown use.
Cost Weapon Infected
Damage Weapon Infected
Ability Same as Drill Missile
Found in crates No


  • It cant be hacked in WPE Pro meantime.
  • This might be upgraded version of Drill Missile.
  • Color of ammo is more purple than in Drill Missile.
  • The code is "drillFO1".

    Comparison of Drill Missile and Purple Drill Missile

  • It is still not enabled to game so people port it to have this gun.
  • FO1 stands for Purple,HU1 for orange, EL1 for pink, KI1 for killer and SC1 for scatter.
  • This is an Infected Weapon due to the new Wild Ones Beta.
  • This weapon is the painted version of Drill Missile.
  • When you receive the painted version of this weapon, it is counted as Drill Missile but not Purple Drill Missile or separated from it.

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