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  • A Rabbit's greatest advantage is its own ability: the Super Jump, with it the Rabbit can move in great ease it also makes the rabbit faster and jump higher.
  • Another advantage of the rabbit is its great jump even made higher with the Super Jump.
  • After you Super Jump, you can press the jump button and use the power in the jump for another short jump.


  • Disadvantages of the Rabbit is its fairly low health.
  • It is also a Chow Pet.


Right key to move right, Left key to move left and Up key to jump. D key to move right, A key to move left and W key to jump.You can also use the mouse to point where to go.


  • In the past, the Rabbit was able to use Super Jump in mid-air to gain extra height.
    Minigun and bunny
  • Despite having very low health, the Rabbit is still a popular pet.
  • The Sky Blue Rabbit is used as a mascot by Wild Ones.
  • The rabbit is used by many, to Super Jump, and then fire a missile in mid air, giving it better aim.
  • The rabbit is useful for maps which has wider skies. It can Super Jump to get Crates and Health Packs easily without using teleporters and grappling hooks.
  • The best method for using rabbit is to fight at range, avoid direct contact with many opponent at once.
  • The Super Jump of the Rabbit is Better than the Fly of the Bat.
  • This pet has a weapon counterparts: Magic Hat and Rabbit Shower.
  • Some people thought Rabbit is the 3rd pet and Cat the 2nd.
  • The Rabbit is made up of 68 Shape Files and 72 Sprite Files.
  • It is also the first pet in release order to be a chow pet.
  • Playing with this pet will droop its ears when it is about to flip.Same goes to winning.

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