This article is expired, the newest version for this is in Rankings in Wild Ones Wiki.

We are holding Wiki ranks, we will see the skilled in battle and in wiki editing to rank them. To enter the ranks go here. There we will discuss where and when we battle and see their skills in wiki editing. You may have up to 2 ranks, if your lucky maybe 3 ranks. We will sort them by game goodness and wiki goodness. These people (if they want to join) can join the Drowning Moon that I started.


Unlimited peopleEdit

10 people can joinEdit

3 people with 1 leader of the groupEdit

These groups have 3 members with one leader of the group, so its 4 in total. Funkey100 will NOT be the leaders of these groups. These groups are known as the Elite team.

1 person can joinEdit

Ranks for the groupEdit

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