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Robot is a new mini-pet in Wld Ones. Like Mr. Tiny Bones, this is also a mini-pet which won the Mini Pet Design Contest. The Robot may help you to attack other opponents or grab health packs and crates just for you. However, the Robot is a somewhat fickle friend and will not help you out every time.

"The galactic mini-pet"

Cost 00000000000000000009.

Treats-Icon 9 Treats

Damage 200-4000000000000000000200+.

Ability-Icon 200+ Damage

Found in crates



  • The fire in Robot's jetpack looks like the unknown mini-weapon.
  • If you think it will attack with his gun, you're wrong.
  • The original name of the mini-pet is Galaxy X .
  • This mini pet is from Mini Pet Designer Contest .
  • Creators name on Playdom Forum is newareafilms .

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