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The Rubber Grenade MIRV is the cross-over of the original MIRV and the Rubber Grenade, since it splits into 6 Rubber Grenades after a few seconds. Players must be careful of using it, because it may hurt their teammates and even themselves.


The Super Rubber Grenade MIRV!

Icon Rubber Grenade MIRV
Cost 00000000000000000003.

Treats-Icon 3 Treats for 10 ammo

MIRVchild Damage 00000000000000000300.

Ability-Icon 300 Damage each

Missile Damage 00000000000000000100.

Ability-Icon 100 Damage (can be sometimes really strong and kill on full stats)

Ability Splits into 6 Rubber Grenades.

Ability-Icon Splits into 6 Rubber Grenades

Found in crates Crate-Icon Cross

Rubber Grenade MIRV in the shop!


  • Each grenades itself does damage as a whole unlike clusters which multiple grenade is equal to one.
  • Because of its chaotic pathway,it is good for enemies that is close to each other.


  • It is very inaccurate and is tricky to use.
  • Every grenades launched have their own unpredictable path.Like any other MIRVs, it must be fired extremely carefully to avoid involving yourself as surface matters at the bounce of every grenades.
    • Since rubber grenades stick to any pets,any stuck grenades will explode,leading yourself to death if your pet have many grenades stuck on it .


  • MIRV stands for Multiple Independently (Targetable) Reentry Vehicle
  • The missiles enclosed at the MIRV have the colours of a rubber grenade.
    • The MIRVchildren will be still missile-shaped, except being timed and can bounce like a rubber grenade. One interesting fact was that it can bounce because of its shape (which is unlogical) and each child was oriented horizontally instead of heading down vertically.
  • It was Expired but later released again from 10/10/2011 with cost like MIRV.
  • All MIRV Launchers closely resemble Milkor MGL Grenade Launcher.

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