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AmaterasuWOTHZ Expired Content

This page contains information about Expired Content, thus Scarecrow cannot be seen in the shop of Wild Ones.


You spin me right round baby round round

The Scarecrow is weapon released in Wild Ones. When you use a scarecrow, the scarecrow will become big after a round ends and explode in impact. Some straws will eventually come out and they will explode after the scarecrow has exploded. It had costed 00000000000000000007. Treats-Icon 7 Treats for having 6 ammo.

"A very explosive Scarecrow"

Icon Scarecrow icon
Cost Expired
Damage 00000000000000000600.

Ability-Icon 600 Damage for the scarecrow

00000000000000000125. Ability-Icon 125 Damage per straw

Ability To place a scarecrow and make it explode with straws
Found In Crates Crate-Icon Cross


  • Can do an OTK.
  • Some players got 1 free Scarecrow for unknown reasons (Possibly to help them out).


  • Costs treats and expensive.


  • After the release of this weapon, some players got a free scarecrow.
  • You can still receive Scarecrows in gifts.