Shop is a place where you can buy items from the game. All items cost either Coins or Treats.



Woshopweapons Here you can buy weapons used to fight against enemies. Fighting against enemies without weapons is impossible but you still get unlimited Missiles so you can still win. All weapons cost Treats or Coins or can be occasionaly unlocked or earned from Gifts and Combo Packs.


Woshoppets Here you can buy pets that carry weapons to kill others. All pets have some special ability but they still cost! All pets cost Coins or Treats, but most of pets cost premium money - Treats.


Woshopaccessories Here you can buy accessories that you can wear on your pets. If you dont like your pet naked and want to give it some fashion, go here and you wont be dissapointed.All accessories cost Coins or Treats and sometimes they are unlockable. Some accessories have special bonus that enchance your pet's stats and give you more chances of surviving.


Woshopcombos Here you can buy Combo packs that give weapons. All combo packs cost Treats so it is difficult to get them.



Woshopmaps Here you could buy maps to play games on. It is believed that the button appeared in game before Combos although, it was cut without any maps being on sale, possibly from lack of ideas.

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