Slot machine

The Slot Machine.

The Slot Machine is a way in which you can bet 1-3 Treats to win more. It is all about luck. You can win up to 600 treats! In this slot machine, you can see monkeys, impulse skull bombs, health packs, grenades, anvils and mallets. If you get it in a row, you may be able to win the jackpot!

It is also a good way to spend your final treats, and spinning some of it can give you a maximum of three treats. It could be a luck to get a high multiplier but take note that Treats cost real money, so do not tolerate yourself getting a 200x in exchange for your true money.


  • There is a less than 0,5% chance of getting the Jackpot. and about more than 60% of getting none.
  • When you want to open Slot Machine and you will see a picture of it on the left side there is Shotgun and Chainsaw on the middle on there is AntiGrav Bubble , Pistols and Invisibility Potion and on the right one there is a Tree and Baton .

    The Sloth Slot Machine secret

  • In background, you can see Treats being stacked. 


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