Stat Points

The image of a stat point. It looks like inserting DNA.

Stat Points are used to upgrade and strengthen your pets stats to make it cause more damage, jump higher, get higher HP, and move faster

You get Stat Points when you have 1 more neighbour or buy treats.

Stat Points will add your damage by 1% if you upgrade your strength, while increase your pet's health by 1% if you upgrade your health and increases your pet's speed by 1% if you upgrade your speed. You can buy Stat Points by:

12 points 16 treats
28 points 33 treats
65 points 66 treats

Of course, neighbours have the best value.

Each points you can buy in points/treat and treats/point

12 points 16 treats 0.75 points/treat 1.33 treat/point
28 points 33 treats 0.84 points/treat 1.17 treat/point
65 points 66 treats 0.98 points/treat 1.02 treat/point

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