blue rabbit

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One of the best abilities to jump for crates and escape the flood is Super Jump from Rabbit. It has GREAT jump and even better... The Super Jump ability, with it you can jump more than 
Superhighultragigaultimate jump lol


half of the map!
Damage 0
Ability To jump to higher places, and distances.
Found in which pet only Rabbit


  • Can get in Hard-To-Reach places.
  • Good to use when a crate is on platform or stuck in air.
  • This may be used in true battle: Using the ability on a Mine will grant effective high jump only timing is needed.
  • Can use Rabbits special ability to travel large distances quickly by aiming super jump at about 25°, and jumping normally just as you hit the ground, this will allow you a secondy, smaller leap.
  • Unlimited uses.
  • Using the super jump counts towards using pet powers acievement/ not moving achievement.


  • Does not jump high enough to reach some places.
  • If you accidentally jump down a high place you'll take fall damage.


  • The Rabbit is used by many, to Super Jump, and then fire a missile in mid air, giving it better aim.
  • The Rabbit is useful for maps which has wider skies. It can Super Jump to get Crates and Health Packs easily without using teleporters and grappling hooks.
  • It has 2 Ability icons which are the same but one has more blank color and it is placed a bit horizontally than the new icon.
  • Instead on walking and jumping, you can just move using Super jump.

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