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Super Salad is one of the snacks you can eat. It is the best among all snacks but it is cold because it costs treats.
Snacks 6

The Super Salad

Cost 00000000000000000006.

Treats-Icon 6 Treats

Bonus +150% Damage Boost in 3 turns
Delivery Time 10 seconds


  • Although it has a nuclear trefoil sign on it, the salad doesn't come from Japan,nor display radioactive properties like the consumer being damaged 
  • It is awarded as the most tasty snack and the best snack of Mid-year Wild Ones Awards in 2012.
  • snack is rare because it is exspensive
SuperSalad Shop

Look at the name! Oh shit salad LOL! Wildoneshelper: Photoshopped, isn't it?

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