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Superspin is the Hedgehog's special ability. It lets the player roll into a ball and move very, very fast. You can damage opponents if you fall on them with the ability on and dig with it.
Hedgehog's Stats



(Can be hurt much with fall damage(max. 500)

Ability It lets the player roll into a ball and move very, very fast
Found in which pet only Hedgehog


  • It can dig out any Terrain like Armadillo but bigger.
  • You can move faster when running or jumping.




  • Real life Hedgehogs can not do Superspin. The ability is based on Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • Probably the best ability because of its great power, movility option, and the fact it is unlimited.
  • If you use it last second on your turn you get shield on 5 second.
  • You can bury your opponents.

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