TSearch is another hacking program used to hack Wild Ones.Many people make use of that to get Koala or other pets without ban.


There aren't many hack to use in here. But people swap objects to have unreleased. These hacks are not permanent.

  • Combo Pack for Coins (Experts only) (Patched)
  • Combo Pack for 0 Treats (Experts only)
  • Pet Hack
  • "Look in future/past Hack" (Used to see whats coming soon and/or see the expired stuff)
    1. Weapon hack (example nuke-kame (klick ask friends))
  • Accessories hack (the same as weapon hack).


  • This is not used only for hacking, it can be also used to research unreleased & expired Weapons, Pets and Accessories. However, buying these items will lead to a ban.

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