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Tiger is an new pet in Wild Ones.It's released 9/11/11. On 7/12/11 the neighor required was lowered down to 5.

Tiger's Stats


Normal (80%)







Special Ability


Ability Uses



Unlock by paying 30 Treats or by having 5 neighbours and 4,999 Coins, after that the Tiger is available for 4,999 Coins.


This is the most violent pet in Wild Ones.


"Eye of a Tiger"


Right key to move right, Left key to move left and Up key to jump. D key to move right, A key to move left and W key to jump.You can also use the mouse to point where to go.


  • This is the first pet to be rated as "Inappropriate Content" because of its ability.
  • Like the Chainsaw , the Gas Gun, Poison Cloud, Butchers Knife, Katana Sword, Spear, Longbow, Bear Trap,Musketeer Sword, Tipi, the Tiger and its ability has been criticized for being too violent for young players.
  • Special Ability is Claw where the Pet is "Clawing" and then roaring the pet.
  • The ability can be use 2 Times per match.But you can't use this skill at Skill Match.
  • It seems its claws were being launched instead of a real scratching,this means it can be used even in a far place.
  • Tiger will be the 3rd Chow Pet.
  • Its ability makes the pet most violent in game.
  • Its ability icon does not match the color of the Tiger.
  • Its similar to Cat.
  • Is the first Chow Pet for Coins.
  • The Tiger and the Werewolf have the same stats.
  • Pet was the most anticipated of wild ones.
  • It is the first pet to be unlocked.
  • It's the third pet to has the highest stats after the Super Skunk and the Squirrel.


Video of tigers ability:Edit

Wild Ones Weapon Review Tiger Claw01:28

Wild Ones Weapon Review Tiger Claw

The Tiger's ability


White tiger Mod

Tiger Modifications

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