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AmaterasuWOTHZ Expired Content

This page contains information about Expired Content, thus Tipi cannot be seen in the shop of Wild Ones.


don't let beavers get in

Tipi is a new weapon released on 21/9/11. When you use a Tipi, you ought to place it on a pet, so that you can blow up a pet. After that, it will shoot 6 arrows. When you kill a pet with a Tipi, blood will scatter. It had costed 0000000000000001,200. Coin 1,200 Coins for 4 Ammo.

"Explosive tipi that shoots out arrows"

Icon Tipi Icon
Cost Expired
Damage 00000000000000001900.

Ability-Icon 1900 Damage

Explode damage 00000000000000000400.

Ability-Icon 400 Damage

Arrow damage 00000000000000000250.

Ability-Icon 250 Damage each

Ability Throw a Tipi which will explode and shoot 6 arrows.

Ability-Icon Throw a Tipi which will explode and shoot 6 arrows Damage

Found in crates Crate-Icon Cross


  • Very high damage.
  • Costs coins.
  • If you miss the target, the arrows will still hit the enemy.


  • Sometimes it might not hit the target at all.



  • In Critter Falls, it can fly through the ground to the upper island.