This is the page with the most important and epic tips and more.

Important partsEdit

{{{1}}} and {{{?|?}}}Edit

These are VERY important parts of wiki templates. We use them like this:


These are like this: If you make a template that has:[[Category:{{{1}}}|{{PAGENAME}}]]. And its name it Category, then if you type {{Category|Word}}, the word after the | will replace the {{{1}}}.

{{{1}}}, {{{2}}}, {{{3}}}, and moreEdit

These are like this:If you make a template that has:[[Category:{{{1}}}|{{{2}}}]]. And its name is Category Choice, then if you type {{Category Choice|Word|Words}}, the word that has the first | will replace the {{{1}}} because its first and 1 stands for first, so the second | will replace {{{2}}} because 2 stands for second. The numbers can go non-stop!

While making a template and afterEdit

Wondering what to do? Go here:

While making a templateEdit

  • Make sure the name suits the template
  • Make sure the template is useful
  • Put <noinclude>{{Documentation}}</noinclude> after the template

After making a templateEdit

  • Show it to admins and friends so they can use it
  • If its a test, show it to an admin
  • Test it out on the Test Sheet
  • Edit the template documentation

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