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Tommy Gun is a new weapon in Wild Ones. It is released on 16/2/12. When you use this weapon, it acts like a Minigun.

"An easier alternative to breaking Knee Caps"


Thompson Submachine Gun

Icon Tommy Gun
Cost Expired
Damage 00000000000000000050.

Ability-Icon 50 Damage per bullet

Ability Same as Minigun but with higher damage and with gray beam instead of red.

Ability-Icon Same as Minigun but with higher damage and with gray beam instead of red

Found in Crates Crate-Icon Cross
Released on 16th Feb, 2012
Expired on 1st Mar, 2012


  • OTK is easy to make.
  • Cheaper than Minigun.
  • Great damage, can kill many pets


  • It costs treats
  • Cannot move it around after a few seconds of firing it

Gangster Raccoon using the knee caps breaking gun


  • Can also be called Thompson Submachine Gun.
  • Acts like the Minigun in Wild Ones.
  • Sometimes it can be used to drill a hole and let pets fall to the bottom of the map but that will waste the weapon.
  • It lasts for 5-6 seconds.

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