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Tongue Grab is the Chameleon's special ability. It allows the player to pull an opponent to anywhere they want, much like the harpoon.

my tongue is useful! (yea sure...)

Damage 0
Ability Grab an opponent like the harpoon
Found in which pet only Chameleon


  • If you drag an opponent to an off surface it will cause an OTK.
  • Good to use in Emerald Zone Map.
  • Can pull people from far distances.
  • Consumes less time.
  • can drag an opponent near another one to get the medal in two birds in one stone


  • A good tactic you can try is using Mine Shower and then carefully grab someone so that you pull him towards the mines. If used correctly, the opponent will be sent flying to the skies. If not, you risk yourself to get damaged or to even get shot out with him.
  • Looks very ugly if it wears helmets.
  • Its ability is the most vulnerable to glitches.resulting other pets to do so..

    Chameleon using Tongue Grab

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