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Tower Tops is the 13th map released in Wild Ones. It was released near 23rd of December, 2010. The map is not due to Season Greetings, is from a movie will be releasing soon called Green Hornet, in Chinese it is called 青蜂俠 (if you see "dinosaur text", just ignore it.).
Green Hornet

Tower Tops


  • This map is on the construction site as you can see cranes.
  • You can see many Green Hornet logos on some apartments.
  • This map has little bit function like Sink or Swim map.
  • This is a special map for the Green Hornet movie, released something in January 2011.
  • This map was once called Green Hornet.
  • This map is no longer available but can be accessed if you type it's name to the private room.