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This page contains information about Removed Content, thus Treats cannot be bought or legitimately obtained anymore.

Treats are currency used in Wild Ones. You can buy Pets and Weapons (including some in games) and you can also bet and sometimes win a laser or even more treats! Treats was introduced in February 12, 2010. It is worth buying treats because in some other games for 700 credits, they would want over $400-500. Before in Playdom you would get 10 treats when you started to play, but now you dont get anything.


Welcome to the Bank. A place where everything is overpriced and scamful.

  • 21 Treats for $4.99
  • 42 Treats for $9.99
  • 85 Treats for $19.99
  • 220 Treats for $49.99
  • 450 Treats for $99.99
  • 700 Treats for $149.99

Earning Treats

  • Complete special offers
  • Earn Medals (A Maximum of 75 Treats)
  • Crates ( It's extremely rare though)

No Longer Available

  • Watching the Green Hornet Trailer will give you 5 Treats


After Maintenance the bank has changed to a little bit "wierd" for minutes.



Xxxxxxxxtreeeme laggggg

Pet Prices

  • 130 Treats for $24.99 + both

Treats Sale:

Coin Sale

The Coins Sale are Limited Sale That Need to be Payed by Treats.Its also a Faster Way to Get Coins

1100 1540 Coins for 16 Treats

2200 3200 Coins for 33 Treats

4400 6600 Coins for 66 Treats

Coin Sale

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