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The Trout is a heavy-type weapon in Wild Ones. You could only get it in the Ultimate Weapon Pack before but at some time it was released at 1600 coins. It is used like the Mallet. It is re-released on 11/6.

"Smack your opponents with this smelly fish!"


I...I'm not going to eat it.

Icon Trout icon

00000000000000001600. Coin 1600 Coins for 5 ammo

Max Cost & Ammo 0000000000000158,400.

Coin 158,400 Coins for 495 ammo

Damage 00000000000300 - 325.

Ability-Icon 300 - 325 Damage

Ability Bash your opponent's head with a Trout.

Ability-Icon Bash your opponent's head with a Trout

Found in crates No
Wild Ones Trout Unreleased 4 28 2011 Not hack

Wild Ones Trout Unreleased 4 28 2011 Not hack

Trout in action


  • It looks a bit funny when you use it, good for decoration.


  • Due to the low damage, it is not recommended to buy.
  • It is more expensive than the Jingle Bell even the damage is lower than that.


  • It was re-released on 27th April, 2011 but still not recommended to buy due to low damage.
  • It was re-released again on 17th February, 2012.
  • It was re-released again on 9th June, 2012.


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