Unreleased content Unreleased Content

This page contains information about Unreleased Content, which may be inaccurate or change over time.

Unreleased Accessories are Accessories that were Never in a shop before.

Unreleased Content

  1. Biker Coat with Belt
  2. Hawaiian Shirt
  3. Necklace
  4. Playdom Shirt (Green)
  5. Playdom Shirt (Brown)
  6. No.1 Shirt
  7. Detective Shirt 1
  8. Detective Shirt 2
  9. Rainbow Belts
  10. Flower
  11. Wristlace
  12. Tiki Necklace
  13. Necklace with something like a horns
  14. Rosary
    Farm full

    Do not count Straw and Farm Hat

  15. Old Pocketwatch
  16. Rainbow Afro
  17. Tiki Mask
  18. Explorer's Hat
  19. Yellow Sports Bandana
  20. Biker Helmet 1
  21. Biker Helmet 2
  22. Yellow Mohawk
  23. Prisoner Shirt
  24. Blue Sandals
  25. Black Sandals
  26. Pointing Finger
  27. Wood Axe
  28. Dark Glasses 2
  29. Red Glasses
  30. Nerd Glasses 2
  31. Overalls

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