AmaterasuWOTHZ Removed Content

This page contains information about Removed Content, thus Unreleased Content cannot be bought or legitimately obtained anymore.

Here is where you can find Unreleased Content for Wild Ones. These items will be permanently unreleased due to Wild Ones being closed.

Unreleased WeaponsEdit

Killer Missile Purple Drill Missile Exploding Turkey 4 Potato 2 Missile
Mortarkill Prpldrillgun Turkey4 Potato2-1
Cauldron Coffin Purple Missile Orange MIRV
Caldron Cofin Prplmortar 4mirv
Orange Grenade Washington's Axe 2
4grenade Washington's-Axe-2

Unreleased AccessoriesEdit

Luchador Snow Shoes
Luchador Snow Shoes

Unreleased MedalsEdit

Data Coming Soon

Unreleased PetsEdit

Data Coming Soon

Unreleased Modes (None)Edit

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