• AaronXP

    Hey Guys, its a long time since I have not done a single thing in this wiki, so I just put this for fun.

    I will be having a contest, a PVP or Hunger Game fight. I really miss WO. So instead I put this contest as an alternative. Since some people here play Minecraft, so I want to see how strong you are ;)

    I can start this Contest in Christmas though, depends if im available.

    P.S ( Im good in PVP and Hunger Games )

    So what do you think guys? :)

    server address:

    You must use Minecraft 1.6.4 in order for you to join the server.

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  • AaronXP

    The reason why Buying treats and coins is not available because Playdom will TERMINATE WILD ONES! I think they done this because of the hackers and scammers!!! This wiki will still exist after that END OF WILD ONES DAY. But I hope they stop this because Wild Ones is one of the most played game in Facebook. Poor Playdom :(  If u want a game like Wild Ones play Crazy Penguin Wars. Although Wild Ones is better.

    Wild Ones is ending...

    Facebook - August 28

    Playdom - August 26

    Facebook ends last before Playdom.

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