To all people in this Wiki i think im gonna Quit.2 Friends are Changing i want my old 2 Nice Firends back.


KNDLEGOMAN4:You insulter you cant make who i can make a fix or what because this is my life and you dont have the rights to make me to be a Carefull Nerd.

My Angry Metter to Kndle:Very Angry - Big Insult

Wildoneshelper:You cant be a God everywhere ur just a Rollback if realy want to be a god kill God's Head.Making yourself a Founder,Bureaucrat,President,Emperor,Satan and God.

My Angry Metter in Helper:Very Angry - Big Insult

IF you 2 dint change for good im gonna quit for your Rudeness,Insultness,Selfishness and Disrespectfulness.

I like the old wildoneshelper and kndlegoman4 they were NICE,GRACEFULL,RESPECTFUL AND LOVING.

but the today i think is sicks me and thinking me to Quit.

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