I've decided to hold a celebration for the wiki to run for 3 years! Here's what I planned to celebrate:

Retro designs

Old pages:

Want to see what it's like in the old days? We plan to make the following pages into the old days that the pages went by for 10 days (i.e. it will return to normal on May 6, 2013):

Of course, don't forget him - User:Wildoneshelper! He will be giving you back the old pages!

New things

Wiki wordmark:

I don't we need some sort of celebration for the wiki wordmark. A new one is better than using the old one. I think I should ask User:WildBrick142 for making a new one to celebrate the anniversary.

Little bars:

Did you see the bars everyday saying, "Click here to chat" etc.? Now we will edit a bit to make it beautiful!


Wiki background:

I'm in still in doubt if we should restore the wiki backgrounds of the 1st ever after the first big change of Wikia. Dating back to January 7, 2011, as I restore the images, the earliest seems to be a galaxy. However, if we make it the background, there will be no relationship between Wild Ones at all. Therefore, it's left for you to decide whether we should make a background celebrating the anniversary of Wild Ones Wiki or the ancient image.

Main page:

It will be better for you to select which main page you want to have in that day. There are four designs which dates back to the early times of Wild Ones Wiki. In some ancient edits, you may find the right hand side will leave a blank. In this case, we are going to keep our modern design. Here are some designs:



The first poll!

Prospering: (Some information will be added to make the newest)

Wildoneshelper's days of administrator: (Some information will be added and the aligning will be fixed)

The prolonged main page: (Some information will be added to make the newest)


Now: (Blossoming)

The main page nowadays.

We'll open for voting in a few days! Be sure to check the Voting room!

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