Enhancements this summer:


A new design will be brought and I've suggested it before. There will be two tabs. One will be the existing one, which will be collapsed in another tab. What will the other tab look like? In order to shorten the length of WeaponsNavBox (looks too long at the moment), I've decided to replace all the words with pictures sized about 50 pixels. This will be similar to CityVille and at least you will be more happy to see it is shortened.


The improvements of all the pages on different weapons will be nearly finished which all the pages can show their own function. However, some missing information are waiting for you to fill in: the damage of a rabbit in Magic Hat, the icon of Tennis Racket, the function of Bag of Peanuts and many more!


I don't know where to start but seems the page Medals is so old that it contains unreleased medals which are released. I'm planning to make enhancements and renew the page which may need help from you too!


Many people have forgotten the importance of snacks and many enhancements will be made in every snack page! It will be the second phase of improvement, after Weapons! The SnacksNavBox will be improved and it will be replaced by all the pictures of the snacks! In order to show whether the snack is expired, rotten snack means the snack is expired and can't be bought in the shop. How do you think?


Just now WildBrick142 had discovered a rating system of the pages. I'm planning to bring it to some major weapons and pets first before we put it in different articles.

Wild Ones: Weapons & Items

The series will be aired soon after I obtain my own software on recording things in the computer. I will be introducing you great, generic and gruesome weapons! (Good one, isn't it) I don't know if anyone can be volunteers... It will be good to hear from you!

Thanks guys!

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