The main page will be completely redesigned with simplified items. We will also integrate the things which can be mixed together, so that the main page will not be so wordy and complicated.

This maintenance will start on Monday. The page will be temporarily blocked for sysop only and will be opened back for free minor amendments after the main page is newly finished.


Q: What will the main page look like?

A: The main page will look like the ones in GnomeTown Wiki and CityVille Wiki (of course, more beautiful than that).

Q: What text will we use?

A: We will use text as pictures. Therefore, there'll not be a line under the text, but a clickable image to another page. Wild Ones text and other texts which might not be available to other computers will be in pictures. The text we use are various, like Comic Sans MS, Bradley Hand UTC, Wild Ones Text, Impact, Calibri and much more.

Q: Which of the following items will be thrown away?

A: The wordy contents are planned to be thrown away because of the wordy text and occasional updates. However, we will expand it to the main categories which will also keep the original idea.

Q: What will be integrated?
A: Areas like "News" will be integrated into "New on the wiki". Furthermore, the table will be thrown away and each of the items will be isolated into different areas. "Contents" will also be integrated.

Q: Is there any new designs?

A: Yes! We'll put a slider on the main page as well! But it will take about few months to do it as we are making the photos of the weapons, pets and other things with a suitable size. Also, we will put some main categories like the one in Halo Wiki and encased with a navbox. Moreover, we'll add the "Featured Pictures" and also "Featured Pages" back to main page!

Q: What about the cover rules?

A: The cover rules will be more generous as it is free to make minor amendments. However, major amendments are strictly prohibited to be freely edited, instead asking one of our sysop.

Q: Will the design of the columns change?

A: It is impossible to change the design of the columns as most of the wikis still use the design. We will not change the designs unless it is necessary.

Q: Can fonts be installed here?

A: We can't install a font into a wiki as fonts are provided by their own computers but not the main wiki system. That's why you see odd fonts when you go to a different language website with different letters. Sometimes, the computer might not provide the font and will not beautify the page. By solving this problem, creating a transparent photo containing the text will help as the photo locked the text and not changing it.

If you still have any questions, you are free to ask here.

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