New! We have created the new vandalism warning scale to track any vandalisms or chaos created in this wiki. Here are the warnings.

Blue = We are experiencing a little vandalism here and it is not very serious. (Usually this warning will light up when someone is vandalising between the scale of 2 to 3.)

Yellow = We are experiencing intermediate and hard to rollback vandalism and a little chaos happened. (Usually someone change page names which are nonsense and say foul language. Usually categorized as 4.)

Orange = We are experiencing advanced vandalism and hard to rollback vandalism and some chaos happened. (Usually categorized as 5-6 and renaming someone's page and edit them.)

Red = We are experiencing expert vandalism and difficult to undo vandalism and much destruction can occour, (Usually categorized as 7-8 and saying bad words which is insulting someone.)

Black = We are experiencing massive vandalism and like "Nuke-explosion" damage. The page may be entirely cleared and a lot of chaos may happen. This may trigger arguements. {Usually categorized as 9-10)

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